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Thank you for visiting Korea E & Ex Website.

Company name       Korea E & Ex
Address                   Rm.2001, WTC, Yeongdong-daero 511, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Chairman                 Choong Han Kim, Jung Jo Kim
Website                    www.eandex.co.kr
E-mailL                    ex@eandex.co.kr
Overseas Agency   China, Germany, Italy, Poland, Taiwan. USA, Vietnam

Exhibition Industry is to create and activate corporate interest for the marketing section of the exhibition industry's exchange of information.

Korea E & Ex has started first business in 1977 and the name was changed to Korea E & Ex from the Hankook llbo in 1998, after "KIMES", ‘KOBA", "KIPES", KOPLAS" has held an exhibition of a variety of specialized industries.

Korea E&Ex sponsoring KIPES, KOBA, KOPLAS, KIMES and etc., four exhibition has received international accreditation from the Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI International in 2004 for the first time, which makes Korea E&Ex to do activities as a member of UFI and we will do our best to make Korea's exhibition as the role of bridgehead towards the world market.

KIMES is known as the Korea's brand exhibition from the Ministry of Trade, industry & energy. KOBA, KIPES and KOPLAS is with Ministry of Trade, industry & energy and local government and they are going higher with the competitiveness of the exhibition, as well as the growth within the qualitative and quantitative for the exhibition and training exhibition.

Korea E&Ex is hope to give their all to satisfy the attendees and the buyers and will fulfill the force on international exhibition and the growth within the company to insure that the industry exhibition will keep it going.

Also thank you for the encouragement and a lot of interest now.

Thanks you.