Korea E & Ex,

has included K-Print Week, Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show, Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show, and Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show for 30 years being held at exhibitions of many business areas. We are the leaders of exhibition business which includes events, conventions and etc. with many experiences and accumulation of know-hows.

Korea E & Ex provides businesses and individuals with unparalleled knowledge, up-to-the minute information and highly specialist skills and services.

Our Business Intelligence division offer structured databases, subscription-based services, real-time news, research and business-critical information creating business advantage. We are one of the largest organizer of exhibitions, events and training in Korea. Our Events division provides inspiring marketplaces and the opportunity for knowledge to be shared.
In all businesses we have the technology to deliver dynamic, multi-platform solutions tailored to our customers needs, we have many leading product brands in the various markets we work in and, due to our focus on operational efficiency and excellent management, we are highly respected by shareholders and the financial markets.