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Korea Materials, Composites & Equipment Show
K-Mtech (Korea Materials, Composites & Equipment Show) is
being held concurrently with the K-BATTERY SHOW. It will not only exhibit materials, but also chemical, metal, ceramic materials, bio, fusion, complex materials in order to attract buyers from various fields as an exhibition that specializes in materials and composite materials.
Exhibition Venue KINTEX 2 Hall 8
Opening Hour 10am - 5pm
Entrance Fee 5,000 KRW (Free entrance for pre-registerd individuals/individuals with invitation cards)
Exhibition Scale 8,770㎡
Website www.kmtechshow.com
E-Mail kmtech@kmtechshow.com

Classification of Exhibits

  • Chemical - Plastic, Rubber, Nano,Carbon, Adhesive, Bioactive Chemicals, Basic/Organic Compounds, Non-Petroleum Compounds, Other Chemicals
  • Convergence - Reinforced Fiber, Glass Fiber, Carbon/Graphite Fiber, Aramid Fiber, 3D Printing Materials, Fiber-reinforced Plastic, Others
  • Bio - Natural Biodegradable (PLA, TPS, PHA, AP, CA, etc.), Petroleum-based Biodegradable (PBS, PES, PVA, PCL, PBAT, etc.)
  • Metal - Non-ferrous Metal, Steel-based Materials, Steel-based Products, Fabricated Metals, Metal Machine Elements, Lightweight Metals, Titanium, Other Metals
  • Ceramic - Electronic Ceramics, Mechanical/Structural Ceramics, Bioceramics, Energy/Environment Ceramics, Glass, Porcelain, Refractories, Abrasives and Grinding Materials, Basic Ceramic Materials, Other Ceramics


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